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Kirby: Star Allies

X XX, 2023

I initially wanted to write up something like this about a month after the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but alas, I had no outlet that wasn't a 10+ tweet twitter thread. No way I was going to be one of those guys. Perhaps it was all the thinking I've done about the works that have inspired to write my own stories someday. It reminded my why this is one of favorite Kirby games in the series.

Like most others around its release in 2018, I found the game to be... lackluster. Definitely a fun time to be had, but the content fell a little on the shorter side and its lore didn't have as much of an impact as Planet Robobot did. Star Allies was a bit of a unique entry in that free DLC packs were released every couple of months after its release that included new playable characters from previous games. It was neat and it added good replay value.

The final content update added an entirely new subgame: Heroes in Another Dimension. Probably knowing that they went very overkill on its difficulty, it didn't count towards 100% completion unless you wanted a shiny crown icon on your save file. With this mode, harder versions of the original game's bosses were included, and were, of course, given their own boss rush mode in The Ultimate Choice as a super-duper-ultra-mega finale for those who enjoy a good kick to the groin. However, it was this last update that my love for Star Allies really started to flourish.

Everyone who kept up with the game after release is at least familiar with this boss rush's secret final boss. Void; a lonely, souless entity that never got to experience the feeling of love and friendship. A conduit for malice nutured by the malevolence it was purpetually surrounded by. However, it was still able to change and learn. Who better to get the job done than our best friend, Kirby.