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[SIREN: Blood Curse]

October 27, 2022

An American TV crew that documents the paranormal and mysteries of the world travel to a remote village in Japan said to hold rumors of an ancient ritual for the next episode in their series. To their surprise, the rumors turn out to be true and they are caught interrupting the ritual. Now, they can't escape. Unholy creatures are after them. The siren wails.

So weirdly conflicted about this game lol. I didn’t know this was a reimagining of the first Siren game on PS2, which I briefly played at a friend’s house a couple years ago. For what little I played of it that time, I was really into it (for as cryptic and obtuse that game can be)! I only picked up Blood Curse because it was around the time Sony announced they were going to shut down their online store for the PS3 since corporations don’t give a shit about preservation. FOMO kind of got to me...

Anyway I’m conflicted because I absolutely loved the settings and atmosphere but some parts are played out WAY too dramatically for my liking and it killed some moments for me. It throws off the tone that I got so absorbed into. The reimagining aspect of Blood Curse comes from the fact that this game was made to cater to the western market, and all the dramatizations are completely intentional.


I still don’t know how much Blood Curse deviates from the original Siren in terms of story. I genuinely did feel like there was a loss of its initial integrity about halfway through the game. Maybe an exaggeration but the ending for this game was like if the UFO ending from Silent Hill 3 was played out seriously and was sincerely meant to be concluded that way. I’m probably a bitter and cynical old fuck when it comes to horror but I did not like it.

This, however, I do like

Beyond that, again, the atmosphere and tension it creates when it wants to be a horror game about a creepy cursed village is great. It’s the other side to it that makes me lean towards not liking the game as a whole, even if it made me laugh sometimes (for the wrong reasons). Best way I can put it is like a 49:51 like/dislike ratio for me. It almost does it for me but not quite. Definitely makes me want to play the original Siren on PS2 tho.