Unnamed Story

This was an old idea I came up with on a whim in early 2021. I can't remember exactly how it came to be, but I think it started off with a few drawings I was making for fun. The more I was sketching things out, the more I started to world build everything in my head. I distincly remember having one particular night where I couldn't sleep because I was having rapid fire ideas for scenarios that could take place in this world I was creating. Felt kind of exciting.
I soon realized it was more of a spur-of-the-moment thing. Not to say it was something I didn't enjoy, but it may not have been something I was comfortable with putting out yet (especially because of the bad mental state I was in at the time). The themes it was tackling felt like they were on the heavier side and, while I'm no stranger to consuming "depressing" media, the time didn't feel right for me to commit to that project. However, some of the ideas I had for this later became repurposed for another project I want to take on in the future. In a way, this is now a prototype to what I really want to do eventually. For the time being, this was all that I came up with, copy and pasted directly from the Google Doc I wrote this on:


Myra was born into a doomed world that had fallen to an otherworldly and unstoppable force, the likes of which humanity has never faced. All the leaders of the world have unified to restore any semblance of peace to what they once called home, but all efforts have proven to be futile. Despite it, they persist in their work. Perhaps it is because they want to hang on to any little bit of hope they have left? To many, it’s the last thing that’s motivating anyone to keep surviving to see another day. However, Myra doesn’t have to concern herself with hope at all. After all, how can you lose something you never had to begin with?
Her caretakers suffered total petrification, leaving Myra completely alone


The colossal beast known as MORGA was the bringer of ruin. Its origins of how it came to be or how it even arrived to Earth remains an anomaly. While appearing animalistic (or insectoid) in behavior, it’s more close to being plant-like in nature. MORGA itself poses no aggressive tendencies, it is simply trying to survive and propagate in an alien world. However, this process of reproduction is what has proven to be immensely destructive.
Dubbed “MUTAGEN-M”, this parasitic life form is the result of what a seed released from MORGA develops into in the conditions Earth has to offer. The root-like tendrils are attempts made by the seeds to grow into more offspring, but none seem to ever actually fully develop. MUTAGEN-M can grow on and infect nearly any surface, but it especially thrives on organic matter. There’s no predicting how one would end up should they ever find themselves infected. Some are lucky enough to only develop a single small tendril. Others become forever petrified, rooted to the ground, and kept alive in a vegetative state by MUTAGEN-M. Once it stops growing, it very much becomes a part of the organism, almost like an extra organ has been added to the host’s body. Any attempts to remove it, such as amputation of an infected appendage, would cause either excruciating pain or total disruption of the body's homeostatic processes, and eventually death. No cure or viable means of eradication has been found. Whatever MORGA and its failed offspring are made out of, its properties are completely anomalous.

Chapters (No determined order yet)

“Beyond the Stars”
It seems that the only way for the human race to avoid extinction is to colonize another planet similar to Earth. The only problem is that science is nowhere close to achieving interstellar travel, let alone know where such a world exists. Would it even be worth it? Do humans deserve that second chance? Myra contemplates these ideas. Likewise, if an alien creature such as MORGA can suddenly show up on Earth without warning, who’s to say that a similar event can’t occur again? One that could be of actual benefit for humankind? The odds may be beyond astronomical, but people will take anything to look forward to a better future.

“Lucky Rabbit”
In an empty and decrepit home, Myra finds a small rabbit huddled up in a little shelter constructed by what previously used to be its owner. The poor thing has suffered from the mutagenic growth, but of what has developed, it seems to be benign. However, the owner wasn’t so fortunate, so Myra decides to take the lonely rabbit with her. Perhaps having something to protect and nourish will give some meaning to her existence.

“The Petrified Man”
In her travels, Myra comes across another victim of total petrification. Already desensitized, she simply moves on without so much as a second thought. Then, the man speaks to her. Lucky or unlucky, he seems to have retained basic awareness and consciousness. His ears, mouth, and a single eye remained completely unaffected by the growth allowing him to continue to perceive the world around him, albeit only from a single spot until the end of time. Such a man is deserving of mercy, but Myra can’t bring herself to commit the act. Just what kinds of things has she learned about this man?

+Myra eventually gets infected herself too and survives, though the growth exhibited is significant. Not sure how to introduce this yet.