Happiness OD

Happiness Overdose

“We were once promised that the moon would become a new home for ‘us’, meant to prolong ‘our’ survival. Through it all, we had evolved so far that the once brightest light in the night sky would soon become a place we could call a new home. It became a sort of beacon of hope. Never was it disclosed who this ‘us’ would be, nor why we needed to get there so soon.”

“Should have seen it coming.”

“After all, only the elites were designated to go. They never made any plans to return, let alone even communicate with who they left behind. Most of us don’t question how they knew of the cataclysm that would ravage our world only a day after their departure. Some say it was a prophecy kept secret, others say they somehow caused it themselves. Whatever the case, we all know their motives were nothing but selfish.”

“There’s not a whole lot left of us down here. Some try to rebuild and live a humble life. Others… just give up. It’s a lawless wasteland, but at least most of us have the decency to not make it so hard on others. We all need something to keep us going, for whatever reason that may be.”

"As for me, I feel as if I'm too caught up in my own whimsical dreams to even notice where I'm headed."