Moongate AM

Takes place in the small, middle-of-nowhere town of Lunaria in the year 1997. The area seems to be a major hotspot for unnatural phenomena, some of which would be considered total anomalies against known science. Many researchers took it upon themselves to come and investigate the area, but would rather keep its mysteries behind closed doors. It would seem such things may be better off left unheard by the masses.
Gray doesn't believe in the idea of ignorance being bliss. Being young and unable to travel, she decides to scrounge whatever resources she can get her hands on and host her own radio show to broadcast the town's strange events, right from the (possible) security of her own home. Her co-host is a very... "special" friend named Setti, who is only capable of communicating via radio wave transmission (coincidentally enough). Gray invites listeners to call her line so that they may share their own stories of the bizarre to other listeners tuning in.
Reality is far stranger than what it may seem. Maybe that's what actually makes it not so strange after all.

Special shout out to hannibee for the amazing art of Moongate AM!
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